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Deputy Sheriff Williams' Page

Welcome to my page!

I'm so glad that you came to visit! You have come to this page because you are interested in Citizen Schools at United for Success Academy in Oakland, CA and you want to learn more about our program. I am the Deputy Campus Director for the extended-day program at this middle school. I have worked with youth for over 12 years and I am entering my fourth year with Citizen Schools.

When I started here, I knew that I wanted to make a difference in the lives of young people. by inspiring them to succeed in all areas of their lives. I encourage students to move forward, even in difficult times, to the best of their abilities, whether it's at home, school, or in their communities. My 8th graders are all involved in leadership throughout the school and our 6th graders are starting to develop the skills they need to be successful leaders in their class.

What I ask from you all (and anyone else in your lives) is to think about these students like I do: future leaders, current scholars, individuals who need an extra boost to continue moving forward in a positive way. This is where you come in! What if you used the money you would use to order take-out and use it to support student achievement? With a donation of $5, you can provide students with extra notebooks for Reading Journals or contribute to renting buses for a field trip. Instead of upgrading to an I-Phone, you can reallocate $10 to help us get more books for our library.

This year, I am looking to raise $1000 and I know I can count on you to make that happen. To me, this fundraiser is not about how much money we raise; it's about how i can get people to learn more about what we do on a national level. Citizen Schools is in seven states (NY, NJ, MA, NC, TX, NM, and CA) and now opening new sites in Chicago, IL! Even if you cannot contribute in a monetary way, there are always opportunities to volunteer and learn more about Citizen Schools and United for Success Academy. You can influence the life of a 6th grader, whether they know it or not! Please check out my org and school websites to see how you else can help:

Thank you so much for your time. I really hope that we can work together to change the lives of students all across America!

In service,
Christopher Williams

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