Cosumnes team, PRBO Bird-A-Thon


2009 Bird-A-Thon

Cosumnes team, PRBO Bird-A-Thon

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This is the 31st annual PRBO Bird-A-thon, run each fall from Sept 1 to October 15, and an important source of funding for this valuable organization.  The many projects that PRBO runs and partners with provide essential habitat information for conservation organizations throughout the western U.S. and solid bird-based science that provides an understanding of population status and overall habitat health.  For more information, you can check their website at

PRBO has played a vital role in the bird survey efforts at Cosumnes River Preserve in southern Sacramento County.  On Sunday, September 20th, John Trochet, Jeri Langham, Andy Engilis and I will be birding at Cosumnes River Preserve.  We are hoping to tally 110 species or more.
Thank you for considering a donation to this important organization.
All the best,
Chris Conard
Sorry for the delay.  Things have been crazy lately.  On Sunday, September 20th, Jeri Langham, John Trochet and I searched for birds on the Cosumnes River Preserve, including the connecting roads to the various parcels, as a fundraiser for the Point Reyes Bird Observatory bird-a-thon.  Andy Engilis was going to join us too, but ultimately could not.
We covered the Barn Ponds, Accidental Forest, Wood Duck Slough, Desmond Road, a portion of the River Walk, portions of the Lost Slough Wetlands, Valensin Ranch, Castello Forest, and Howard Ranch by way of dairies and ag lands along Arno and Valensin Rds, to the Howard Ranch.  We started at 06:00 and finished about 20:30.  It was 47 degrees Fahrenheit at the Accidental Forest at sunrise and the high we noted during the day was about 96.  We turned up a total of 112 species.
The forest birding was slow at times, but we were able to find most of the expected species.  John Trochet wrote:  "Our better birds included a cattle egret at a nearly dry fish pond on Valensin Road, a redhead at Howard Ranch, a lesser yellowlegs in the constructed wetlands of the River Walk, a red-necked phalarope from the parking lot for the boardwalk, some 40 Lewis's woodpeckers at Howard Ranch, violet-green swallows at Castello Forest, a phainopepla at Howard Ranch, a hermit warbler in the Tall Forest, and rufous-crowned sparrow at Howard Ranch.  We also found fox sparrow, an FOS species for all of us, with representatives of two different racial groups seen."
The first bird of the day was a Killdeer.  There was limited shorebird habitat and we found zero gulls and terns.  Of the common warblers we expected to find, we missed Townsend's.  Also missed wood-peewee, any falcons other than kestrel, plus no Rock Wren, Burrowing Owl, or Common Poorwill at Howard Ranch, which have all been found in the past.  On the drive out of the Howard Ranch in the dark, there was a kangaroo rat plus dozens of Horned Larks roosting in the dirt road.

Thanks very much for the support given to PRBO by sponsoring our effort.
A full list follows:
Canada goose, wood duck, gadwall, American wigeon, mallard, cinnamon teal, northern shoveler, northern pintail, green-winged teal, redhead, ring-necked dusk, California quail, pied-billed gebe, American white pelican, double-crested cormorant, great blue heron, great egret, snowy egret, cattle egret, green heron, black-crowned night-heron, white-faced ibis, turkey vulture, white-tailed kite, northern harrier, Cooper's hawk, red-shouldered hawk, Swainson's hawk, red-tailed hawk, American kestrel, Virginia rail, sora, American coot, sandhill crane, killdeer, black-necked stilt, greater yellowlegs, lesser yellowlegs, long-billed curlew, western sandpiper, least sandpiper, long-billed dowitcher, red-necked phalarope, rock pigeon, Eurasian collared-dove, mourning dove, barn owl, western screech-owl, great horned owl, Anna's hummingbird, belted kingfisher, Lewis's woodpecker, acorn woodpecker, Nuttall's woodpecker, downy woodpecker, northern flicker, willow flycatcher, Pacific-slope flycatcher, black phoebe, Say's phoebe, loggerhead shrike, Hutton's vireo, warbling vireo, western scrub-jay, yellow-billed magpie, American crow, horned lark, tree swallow, violet green-swallow, northern rough-winged swallow, barn swallow, oak titmouse, bushtit, white-breasted nuthatch, Bewick's wren, house wren, marsh wren, blue-gray gnatcatcher, western bluebird, hermit thrush, American robin, wrentit, northern mockingbird, European starling, cedar waxwing, phainopepla, orange-crowned warbler, yellow warbler, Audubon's warbler, black-throated gray warbler, hermit warbler, MacGillivray's warbler, common yellowthroat, Wilson's warbler, spotted towhee, California towhee, rufous-crowned sparrow, lark sparrow, Savannah sparrow, fox sparrow, song sparrow, Lincoln's sparrow, white-crowned sparrow, western tanager, red-winged blackbird, western meadowlark, Brewer's blackbird, brown-headed cowbird, house finch, lesser goldfinch, American goldfinch, house sparrow.


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Cosumnes team, PRBO Bird-A-Thon
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