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Chris and Sally's Fundraising Page

Three years ago my life completely changed. While flipping through a magazine I stumbled on an article regarding global poverty. The author spoke of the 20,000 children that die each day from hunger, disease, and the lack of clean water. He told of the other 8,000 that are made orphans by the AIDS crisis. It broke my heart. I knew I had to do something.

Not long after that I discovered Team World Vision, a group of runners who use events like marathons to raise awareness and funds for relief work in Africa. Although I had never run a marathon and was quite out of shape at the time, I decided to join the team. I worked hard, training and fundraising, and it was an unbelievable experience. Since then I have continued to run and encourage others to run for Team World Vision.

After the marathon last year, my wife Sally and I were invited to go to Africa and visit the part of Zambia benefiting from our efforts. I cannot put into words how powerful that was. I walked through a clinic being built that will prevent the spread of AIDS from a mother to a child. With my own hands, I pumped a well that is now providing clean water to an entire community. I played, I prayed, and I spent time with the very people who's lives have been changed by our team.

The experience was so moving that this year Sally has decided to join me on the team. (Yes, you read that right!) My wife, who could not run a mile straight a few months ago, is in the process of becoming a marathoner! She's doing it for the same reason I am. We believe that by running this 26.2-mile race, we can make a difference.

We ask you to join us. Please consider making a donation by clicking the "Sponsor Me Now" link on this page. Don't feel like you have a to make a huge donation. We know the economy is bad and things are tough, but we also know that when a group of people each put in a little bit, great things can happen. Consider making a $26.20 donation - one dollar for every mile we will be running!

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Chris and Sally's Fundraising Page
Chris and Sally in Africa!