BROOD Tooth Fairy for Bacall


BROOD Tooth Fairy for Bacall

BROOD Tooth Fairy for Bacall

Poor Bacall.  This beautiful basset hound was rescued by Basset Rescue of Old Dominion (BROOD) when she ended up in a Virginia animal shelter because her owner no longer wanted her. There were eight other dogs in the house and Bacall was being picked on.  But the story turned out to be more complicated than this..

Bacall was very scared in the shelter and BROOD was called to rescue her.  She is nine years old and was not taken care of very well. She had an ear infection, lumps and worst of all, very severe dental disease.  She was taken care of by our regular vet, but needed specialized dental surgery to correct all the problems with her teeth.

So off to the doggy dentist she went.  Yes--there are doggy dentists.  To correct the problems with her teeth she needed $2,000 of surgery.  She had several teeth removed that created pockets and fistulas that needed extensive surgery to fix.  Believe me, this was not cosmetic surgery, but surgery that was necessary for her to live a healthy life and not lose the rest of her teeth and possibly the bones in her jaws.

This is where you can help.  Become a Tooth Fairy for our beautiful Bacall by making a donation to her fundraiser. Any amount will help BROOD pay for her dental reconstructive surgery.  We all know how expensive dental surgery can be for humans--it's no different for dogs.

BROOD rescues dogs like Bacall in a six-state area.  We were founded in 1996 and since that time we have saved more than 2,965 hounds.  All donations to BROOD are tax deductible under IRS regulations to the full extent of the law. 

Thank you for helping Bacall.  She in recovering in a foster home and we will share updated information about her on the BROOD Facebook page. Contact me at if you have any questions.

Christine Williams

BROOD President

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