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Elizabeth Hutchinson's Fundraising Page

Elizabeth Hutchinson's Fundraising Page

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Hi All! Thank you for visiting Elizabeth's Fundraising Page. In Liz's honor, we are hoping to raise $6,000 (after just surpassing our $2,000 goal!) for the National Brain Tumor Foundation. Although you are all more than welcome to donate here, we are also hosting a road race/walk fundraiser on August 31st (see details below).

Liz's Family has chosen NBTF for its commitment to brain tumor patients (and families), education and research. Liz courageously battled brain cancer for 16-months before she died on May 25, 2008. We hope that our fundraising efforts will help NBTF create a different fate for current brain tumor patients and their families.

For those of you who did not know Liz well, she was an avid runner. She was still running into late April of this year! Liz ran the same route about North Falmouth for over 20 years. She was often recognized in convenience stores, and even a consignment shop once, from her running route.  Liz was also a French teacher for over 30 years. She filled the classroom with fun and games while sneaking in those heavy French lessons.

Liz's first love was her family. She was a devoted wife for 31 years, a loving sister and daughter, and a stellar mom to her two girls and one dog. As one Wal-Mart consumer once noted, she was "perfect." We miss her greatly, but the good memories outshine the difficult. Thus, for mom, we would like to begin an annual race/walk to commemorate her active lifestyle. She would be pleased :)


Special Thanks to Josh Levy,
Josh Golder, Peter Losi, The Bialeks, Dayle Gruet & Shane Bland, Megan Mastropolo, Bethy Henry, Holly Tholke, Amy Justason, Tanya Fisher, The Richards Family, Michele Phillips, Greg Stamm, Hidden, Our Friends at Tennenbaum Capital Partners, Amy Williams, Alexi & Lydia & Tristan & Samantha Robins, Dexter & Barbara Morse, Louise Gagnon, Sarah Cannon, Ricky Abisla, Steve Kelliher, Erik Marr, Tim Couture, Matt Brewster, Hannah Dupont, Jimmy Marr, Hattie Landry, Andre Fernandes, Elizabeth Trask, Anonymous, Sarah Potts, Carrie Champigny, Jimmy and Mimi Fallon, NJ Kershaw, Elsa Brown, Naunie, Shirley Mietlicki-Floyd, Michael Cecire, Wayne P, Katherine, Betsy and Tom & Kathy Marr for the ample website donations.

BIG Thank you to our offline donors as well:

Dusty & Meg Rhoads, Peter Anderson & Family, Tennenbaum Capital Partners LLC (x4), Doug Wilcock & Mary Haynes, Cape Cod Academy, Philip & Holly Smith, Ellen Brewster, Elinor Redmond, Ann Consoni, Vaishali Mamgain, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Richards, Fern A. Arakawa, Christina M. V. Badour, Gail Y. Fukuyama, Suzanne Glynn, Kari Kolderup, Helen Jillson & Family, Nikolas Stamos, Jane Heald, Martha Rayder, Emily Davison,
and Susan Hutchinson.
You have exceeded any expectations of generosity! Thank you.

Thank you ALSO to our corporate donors:
Cape Cod Bagel; British Beer Co. (Falmouth Heights); Ghelfi's; Roche Bros., Jack In The Beanstalk, Mizuno Running Co., George & Jim, Windfall Market, Shaw's, Dean's, Rockland Trust, United Site Services; Hand & Foot Spa; Tanorama; Muse Salon

Thank you to our volunteers who made the race happen:

John&Lucia Carroll; Bob&Hindy&Sara Richards; Falmouth Girls Soccer (parents and Rachel, too!); George Towle, Tom&Sue Hutchinson; Susan Schmidt; Civil Air Patrol; Karolyn Marr; Andrew Daley; Ken&Joanne Gartner; Kris Tholke; Mike&Carrie; and of course Mike Brouillette. Thank you to all of the others (spectators, neighbors, friends) who pitched in last minute to make the race a huge success! 

Thanks for your support! We are very grateful!

            5-MILE FUN RUN/3.5-MILE WALK

WHAT A SUCCESS!!!                 


Thank you to all of the runners, walkers, and volunteers for making our first annual Elizabeth Hutchinson Memorial Fun Run/Walk such a memorable event. We had 214 participants and raised over $5,000 on race day! Your generosity is astounding, and I hope you take great pride in raising such a large sum for the National Brain Tumor Foundation! I will have the offline donations by the end of the week and announce the grand total!

I apologize for the mix-up around mile 1.5 (Megansett Road). I made a differentiation in the race results- courtesy of Lucia&John Carroll! Please let me know if there are any mistakes and I will amend them. No matter the distance- you all did an amazing job. We hope you had fun running our mom's/wife's run! I'm sure she was pushing you along...



Great Job to All! We hope to see you back next year!

(Photos will be posted within the next 10 days)


CONTACT: Please feel free to e-mail with any questions, concerns, constructive criticism, etc.

Liz's 5-Mile Fun Run Race Course can be found at:

Liz's 3.5-Mile Walk Course can be found at:

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Elizabeth Hutchinson's Fundraising Page
Liz at Woodneck Beach in Sippewisset