In Memory of Kyle "Kylie" Roger

Seattle Children's Hospital

Run of Hope Seattle 2013

Seattle, Washington

In Memory of Kyle "Kylie" Roger

Thank you for your continuing support of pediatric brain cancer research!

As many of you know, Kyle was a sparkling kindergartener who loved to ski, play soccer and excelled in math. But then this boy was diagnosed with an inoperable type of brain cancer called diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma. You'd never have known such a bright little boy was sick, that an insidious, inoperable cancer was weaving its way into his brainstem.

Kyle had something special. An unpretentious spirit. A contagious enthusiasm. A natural ease uncommon for a child his age, or for most people.  That spirit, combined with the unwavering support and expertise of Dr. Jim Olson at Seattle Children’s Hospital, enabled Kyle to have an uncommonly productive and joyful two years. Nearly a miracle with a disease where less than 10% of children live past one year and the survival rate is too small to measure. 

Eight-year-old boys should never die. They should be forever running, chasing, playing, and laughing. They should be doing everything Kyle did each day of his life, until the morning when the cancer in his brain finally overcame the immeasurable spirit that guided him to the very end. Your donation to the Run of Hope and the research of Kyle's doctor, Jim Olson, brings hope to families currently fighting a battle agianst brain cancer and honors the memory of my amazing son who so bravely battled his "brain bump" until the last moments of his life.

If you would like to hear in Dr. Jim Olson's own words why he champions this research and exciting discoveries on the horizon please click here or copy and paste this link into your web browser: 

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