Christina's Kidz 2013


Christina's Kidz 2013

Christina's Kidz 2013

Dear Friends,

Each day I am thankful that I conquered the brain tumor I was diagnosed with in 2006 and that I am on the road to an exciting career as a dentist. I am also thankful that my family didn't have to worry about how they would take care of me PLUS pay the bills when I went through that horrible experience. Because I needed them by my side.

Many children and families are not so fortunate. That is why I established Christina's Kidz with the Brain Tumor Foundation for Children in 2007 - to make it easier for Florida families when their children are on treatment for brain tumors and they have nowhere to turn.

Together with YOUR help, we assist many families each year. But the need never goes away because new kids are diagnosed every week.

Here's exactly how Florida families were helped in 2012:

Housing 36%
Funeral Expenses 16%
Utility Bills 12%
Car Payments & Insurance 11%
Gasoline & Groceries 11%
Medical Items 8%
Other 6%

Total Spending: $159,076.38 for 87 families

People thank us all the time for the help we provide and here is what one mother said just the other day:
Thank you for your help paying our bill and sending gift cards. They will help us a lot. We appreciate it greatly. This helps us to feel a little less stressed about missing so much work and not getting paid. May God bless you and everyone who helps families like us.  - Sincerely Elvia (Mother of Alex)

I hope that you will donate again generously this year so that we never have to tell a family in need of emergency support that we cannot help.

Thank you SO much for helping these children through Christina's Kidz!

Happy New Year and lots of love,

Christina Reyes

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