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Christine Arnold's Fundraising Page

Although it was a lot warmer than expected, I am still glad to be here on the warm sofa to give the final report on the plunge. Thank God, the Arctic front delayed a day before entering the valley because at present it is 26 degrees with 30+ gusts! I doubt the Viking Maiden would have been so smiley had the weather been so wintery.

Lynn Stitt from The Best Little Cathouse in Pa guided me to the calmer waters to the side of the crowd of chest-thumping alpha males this year and this made the plunge an experience of exhilaration instead of primal survival. My Tent Ladies, Johnna and Deb, heroically awaited me at the top of the hill with sheet poised and the quick change was quick indeed. We have this down to a science now.

Peter and Lori were lost in the crowd, but their spirit buoyed me on. Not sure if anyone else made it but if you did, you must have been impressed by the great crowd of dunkees and onlookers. This event becomes more massive each year and raises lots of funds for the shelter. In return for my sponsorships, I received a souvenir towel (which came in handy to shield my frozen tootsies from the cold snow as I changed) and what I am told is a souvenir can holder although I prefer to call it a funky little purse.

A few things I observed: Viking Man went in this year as Viking Maiden, complete with bra and make up; the Rubbermaid tote belonging to River Rescue with the label "Blankets Body Bags"; the gregariousness of those at the event and how I managed to meet new people just by smiling in their direction; Lynn's 13th year as a plungee -- she was part of the original group from the HSHA Board impressed into participation; and finally, the truly lovely walk alone along the west side of the island, with the sun shining through the snow and ice brushed trees with a few songbirds guiding my way. It was like being in one of David's paintings.

Thanks to each of you for supporting this unique experience in one way or another. I hope that some of you will join me next year!


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Christine Arnold's Fundraising Page
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