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Wediko Childrens Services

2nd Annual Wediko Century Ride

Hillsboro to Boston, 

Wediko Century Ride - Chris Campanella's Page

 I am asking for your support in the form of a donation, as I ride 100 miles in support of Wediko Children Services.

What: Wediko Century Ride
The event is to ride a 100 miles in one day in an effort to raise 50k for Wediko Children Services.  One could say it is the equivalent of running a marathon.  The bike ride will wind 100 miles through NH back roads down into the historical South End, in effect linking the 2 halves of the Wediko Children Services – the New Hampshire Setting in Windsor with the Boston offices.
What will the funds go towards:
The money raised will help support Wediko pursue the development of a hydro facility at the NH site, thus giving us the ability to dramatically reduce our electricity costs and enable us to direct more of our resources towards children and families. 
Last year, the $33,000 raised went to the preliminary site assessment to determine if Black Pond was able to have a hydro facility built. It was, and we were able to build a dam! Now that we have the facility to generate power, this year we hope to raise $50,000 to contract with an engineering firm to design the system to generate micro-hydropower. 
Any donation is welcome, and I, and the entire Wediko organization, and the CHILDREN and families they serve, would really appreciate your support.  Please join us in our efforts.
About Wediko:
Wediko is a not-for-profit agency serving children, families, and schools. Wediko’s mission is to improve children’s lives through a range of therapeutic services and programs which are tailored to fit each unique child and situation. 
I have been directly involved with Wediko for over three years, and joined the board this past fall. The organization, the amazing team, and the children they serve, amaze and humble me during every interaction, and I am proud to consider myself part of the family.

Many thanks for your support -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!

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Wediko Century Ride - Chris Campanella's Page
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