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2010 Boston Marathon

Boston, Massachusetts
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Christopher Kusek's Fundraising Page

You can help me hit my goal by the end of this month! I only need $343 left to meet this goal, so please! 9 days!

Hello my good friends, family, classmates, colleagues, community, everyone!

I am fortunate to have the most amazing opportunity and I would like to share not only that opportunity but this experience with you!   This April 2010, I will have the great honor of being able to run in the Boston Marathon on behalf of the Michael Carter Lisnow Respite Center to raise money for children and adult with disabilities.    

I know many may find running a marathon to be an arduous feat of endurance, stamina and staying power, but consider those whom I run in behalf of.  Their daily lives may be an arduous journey which does not come to an end after 26.2 miles.  Which is why forgoing our ability to walk in their shoes, You can sponsor my ability to run in my shoes to support their own care and wellbeing!

Now, you may know me not as being an athlete but a passionate technology evangelist geek!  Well, that's true, I'm not a runner, I'm not a hardcore athlete, but I am passionate and believe in this cause I'm running for.

I'm training to be a part of this, to be a part of something larger than myself and am looking to meet and exceed my fundraising goal of $2500 for the Michael Carter Lisnow Respite Center!  I encourage you can help by donating what you can afford!   If 250 people donate just $10.00 the Center will have $2500 more in their coffers to care for these children and adults with disabilities.

Thank you in advance for your contribution and your time and consideration is greatly appreciated!


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