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Citizen Schools is an amazing organization that supports students in Newark, NJ. Through it, we bring students together after school for extra learning and academic support. In a way, Citizen Schools is an investment in the future of its students. Today, I’d like you to be a part of that investment.

The Citizens for Citizen Schools Campaign is a community campaign geared toward supporting the cost per student in our program. At Louise A. Spencer Elementary, we’re looking to raise $1,500 collectively to meet this need. 

Investing in the future of a student in need is one of the most gratifying acts a person can do. I can attest to this personally.   I actually began working with Citizen Schools as a volunteer Citizen Teacher in the Spring of 2010 teaching a class on journal writing. As a CS Teacher at LA Spencer, I have come to care about all of my students.  One student in particular, Abdul, is a unique challenge.  He is my one of my brightest Social Studies students, but he had severe attendance problems at the beginning of the year.  Over the past few months, I have worked personally with Abdul to bring his attendance up and help him reach his potential.  As individuals, you can help make more relationships like that happen! That’s why I am asking you to give a gift today. And you can do it right now, on this site!

Studies have shown that Citizen Schools students succeed at greater rates than other students. They go to better high schools. They make it to college. By supporting Citizen Schools, you can help make that happen!!!


Thank you, in advance, for your support!

Christopher J. Flor




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