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Christine Style's Page

Dear friends and family,

I've been spending Wednesday afternoons at Campbell Middle School teaching an apprenticeship with the Citizen Schools program. I want to share the work I've been doing with you and invite you to be part of this really important movement.

Citizen Schools partners with low-performing middle schools to expand the learning day for students. We're working together to promote student achievement and re-imagine education in California, providing students with the access, skills, and beliefs they need to get on a path to future success.

This is my 3rd semester teaching an apprenticeship, this time a photography class called The Shutterbugs.  The apprenticeship program partners citizens in the community with students - it's a great opportunity for me to work with kids and teach what I love.

Speaking of "love",  I love seeing the creativity and intelligence of these students come out through our apprenticeship.

The ongoing challenge for the Campbell Middle School campus is the shortage of Citizen Schools' staff, which is critical in providing after school programs all week long (not just the days they support us in teaching our apprenticeship class on Wednesdays).  Programs such as the college connection for 8th graders and academic support such as homework help and enrichment classes for Math or English Language Arts, depending on school strategy.

The money for this fundraising campaign will go towards hiring more staff in California.

Please consider making a donation to support me and the students of Campbell Middle School's Citizen Schools program. 

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