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Join the Movement!

Join the Movement!

We need your help!

The Council for Responsible Sport is a unique non-profit organization that helps marathons, triathlons, regattas and other sporting events to be more sustainable. To us, that means more than just being eco-friendly; sustainable sport includes sharing the sports we love with the communities that host us. The main thing we do is certify races as sustainable. Think of us as a LEED green building certification, but for sports.

Sport has the power to incite passion within its participants, which makes athletic events a unique, positive environment in which to engage people. To date, 36 different events have achieved certification from the Council for Responsible Sport, serving over 570,000 athletes in the process, and that tally does not include all the hundreds of thousands of spectators at these events.


You'll be able to brag that you "knew us when..."

We're about to have a break-out year.  We're working with the US Olympic Marathon Trials, the USA Track & Field Olympic Trials in Eugene, OR and the Great Britain Paralympics team.  And the City of Chicago is using the ReSport Certification standard as their definition of a "green" sports events which entitles the races to a discount on their permitting fees.



In addition to making a donation now, help us by asking your favorite race to get ReSport certified! 

We’re fundraising to update our online ReSport Certification software.We’re updating the graphics, content and the way races navigate through the system so that it creates a positive, inspiring user experience.


Thank You Rewards
Above $20
Every donor above $20 will be listed as an important donor, and there will be a link to the funders list on the landing page. We think it’s cool that this project will be community funded and we want to celebrate it!

Above $100
Names of larger funders will randomly rotate through a box on the landing page. “ReSport Certification is brought to you by [your name here.]”

Above $1000
A race of your choice can choose to either join our Community of Practice (for free) or get certified (for free).


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