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Cindy McGill's Fundraising Page

UPDATE: We are sad to say Bear did not survive. He passed away while on IVs at the vets office on August 31. All donations received for Bear were applied to his final bill. If you would still like to donate, there are other dogs that will benefit from your donations. All money will go directly to Dogs Deserve Better. Thank you !

Hello eveyone.. 

It is with a heavy heart Dan and I are making this plea for help. We recently saved the life of a dog who stole our heart in his pound picture. He was to be put to death via the heart stick method ( a very cruel practice without sedation or anesthesia) at the Mahoning County Dog Pound, this dog they called # 760. He was an outdoor dog and in bad shape.  We met number 760 Friday morning August 28, 2009 and were shocked to see most of his hair missing and just a shell of a dog.  He looked sadder than any dog we had ever seen.   On the long drive home (with the windows down because of his smell) , we decided to call him Bear.  We had an appointment  with our vet for the afternoon, in the meantime we kept Bear in his own private room and gave him a capstar pill to help combat his fleas. At the vet's office on Friday  Bear weighed 68 pounds, the doc did skin scrapes and determined Bear had a severe flea allergy ( not mange as they told us at the pound) , we thought we were heading in the recovery direction, we were given antibotics and flea meds and home we came, still keeping Bear in seclusion. Later that night and over the weekend Bear stopped eating , and began vomiting up any water/food he digested. He drank small sips but couldn't keep them down and he had diarrhea.

We knew Bear had to get back to the vets asap. We took him in first thing this morning, and he had to be admitted.  He lost 6 pounds over the weekend, and needed to have an IV right away.  He is being tested for several things, and we are waiting to hear the results. We are keeping our paws crossed Bear has enough will power and strength left to fight.

Bear doesn't deserve this, no dog does. Someone did this to Bear, this wasn't a matter of a week or two of neglect, this dog has suffered.

We know the economy has left everyone with a smaller budget, but please consider donating something, even an dollar will help offset the medical costs for Bear.




As you all should know by know animal welfare is a huge priority in my family's lives. I feel so strongly about the group Dogs Deserve Better, this year Dan and I Became reps for Dog Deserve Better, we feel strongly about what this  group represents and are proud to be part of it. You can visit for more info.

Thank you all...

Cindy & Dan & Bear too!

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