Team Luke


10th Annual Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk

La Crosse, Wisconsin

Team Luke

Thank you for visiting Luke's fundraising page!

Luke is now 19 months old and such a fun little boy to be around!  He loves climbing up and down the stairs, playing with his siblings, exploring, and being outside.  He does a fast bear crawl and is really excited to be walking upright as soon as his body is ready.  He is incredibly determined and practices new skills until he masters them. 

COTH has been such a gift to our family. Luke goes to music thearpy every month and we also attend special gathering that the group hosts.  The biggest gift COTH gives us is support from other families raising kids with Down syndrome.  The knowledge that is shared on facebook, at music and other events is so valuable to our family.  They fill in the blanks that are left out of informational books.

COTH does not charge a membership fee and all the events we participate in are free.  I am fundraising for COTH so that this organization can continue to support and advocate for families and individuals with Down syndrome.

Thank you so much for loving Luke and supporting COTH!

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