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2012 Boston Marathon ® Running for Cover Team

Colleen McCann's Page!

I am very excited to be running my first marathon in April!  Running the Boston Marathon has been a lifelong goal ever since I have been attending as a supporter since I was a young girl.  Growing up as the youngest cousin and the younger sister, my cousins and sister have been my biggest role models and I have always looked up to them in so many ways.  Watching my cousins and sister run the Marathon in years past, I have never been more proud.  This year I have the opportunity to train with both my sister Katie and my cousin Kristen.

No donation is too small for such a great cause as all contributions will go towards raising awareness of Melanoma, a disease that has greatly affected my family over the past few years. 

Six years ago my cousins Kristen & Megan were both diagnosed with Melanoma.  Spending our summers outdoors on the Cape, my sister and I were training as swimmers where my cousins were out on the water as sailors.  Training outdoors for hours every day and spending our free time at the beach was easily taken for granted until the disease affected one of us.

Fortunately the cancer was found early enough where the melanoma was removed with proper treatment and the cancer had not spread.  As we all feel very fortunate to now be in good health, this has been a life changing experience for us all.  My cousins can no longer spend hours in the sun and have to wear SPF 100 while cautiously covering and protecting their skin each and every day.  They continue to go to the dermatologist every 6 months and have been Melanoma free since 2007. 

Of the many charities available, we have chosen to take part in the Melanoma Foundation of New England.  Our goal is to raise awareness and educate others of Melanoma as it is preventable!

Thank you all for your support and donations whether big or small.  Any contribution is greatly appreciated!  With your help, I hope to reach my first goal by raising $2,000 by January 31st.  Also, please be sure to check with your employer as they may match your donation!

Love, Colleen


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