Autism Resource Center of Arkansas


Autism Resource Center of Arkansas

Autism Resource Center of Arkansas

Welcome to Community Connections’ Autism Resource Center of Arkansas! We offer:

  • Parent Consultations
  • A Summer Camp
  • An Autism Resource Guide
  • Monthly Support Group Meetings
  • A Resource Library

Parent Consultations

The Autism Resource Center offers consultations for families dealing with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Maybe a child you love has just been diagnosed, or you are struggling to get your child the services he or she needs. Maybe you just need help filling out all those applications for financial aid. Let us help! If we don’t know the answer, we know someone who does.

Summer Camp

Camp Connect is a week-long summer day camp designed for children with social skills difficulties caused by high-functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders, attention deficit disorders, sensory processing disorders, and related differences. Camp Connect is led by an occupational therapist and occupational therapy students. Through small group and community activities, Camp Connect kids learn appropriate social skills and gain the confidence to use them. Camp activities are geared towards personal growth and learning to work as a team. They also teach problem-solving, real-world dynamic thinking, and adaptive skills.

Autism Resource Guide

Our Autism Resource Guide is an easy-to-read manual for families who have a child recently diagnosed with an ASD, or who have recently moved to the state of Arkansas. This handbook addresses financial aid, therapy interventions, school services, and much more. Download a PDF copy of the Autism Resource Guide.

Monthly Support Group Meetings

Join us for coffee and donuts as we gather with families who are in your shoes! We host a support group meeting on one Saturday each month from 9-11 a.m. at New Life Church in Conway. Our meetings begin with a guest speaker who is an expert on a topic related to autism and ends with a follow-up discussion. Bring the whole family-we offer childcare for those who RSVP. Contact us at the resource center to reserve your spot!

Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders would like to meet other adults in the same situation. We at the Autism Resource Center of Arkansas are holding a focus group for adults with ASDs. We would like to continue with a monthly social or support group for adults, but we need your input!  For more information please contact Kelly Coffman at 


Support the Resource Center

We rely on community support to make the information and resources for families of children with autism possible. The success of our programs depends entirely on the generosity of our donors. Any contribution to the Autism Resource Center of Arkansas would be greatly appreciated and is tax deductible!


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