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C1's Season 19 Fundraising Campaign

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My name is Nik Walker- I’m an actor, playwright, Boston native, and currently, a proud cast member of that Hamilton skit on Broadway.

Now, Hamilton is a groundbreaking show, and I’m proud to be a part of it, but to be honest, there’s no way I could’ve gotten anywhere near these boards without the guidance and mentorship of the artists and innovators at Company One Theatre. C1 changed my life - not only did they teach me about the type of theatre I wanted to make, but what it took to make that theatre– the hard work and thankless hours that go on behind the scenes. In my first C1 outing, ARTiculation, they had me writing my own work (something I’d never done before!) and performing in front of high school and college students.

Performing in front of peers was a bit daunting at first, but soon it opened up a confidence and endurance, so that by the time I got to NYC, I knew that the only thing that was ever going to stop me... was me.

During challenging times like these, arts organizations like Company One desperately need our support. I can’t imagine a Boston without C1- its commitment to broadening the theatrical landscape for our community has proved invaluable time and again. Please lend your generous support to the company that I love, to ensure that it grows, thrives, and provides opportunities for young artists, just as it did for me!!!


$50 - You make theatre accessible to someone who otherwise couldn’t attend

$150 - You connect communities through creative Engagement and conversation

$500 - You sponsor a playwright’s development through our PlayLab program

$1,000 - You give the gift of arts education through our Boston Public School program