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2013 e-Campaign for Magic Moments

Birmingham, Alabama

Conrad and Peggy Rafield's Page

Dear Friend,

Thank you for visiting our page. Peggy and I are very excited to be a part of the 2013 e-Campaign for Magic Moments. As in years past, we are once again featuring a story about a very special child whose family we had the privilege of working with.

The beautiful little girl in the picture to the right is 9 year old Maggie S. from Moulton, Alabama. Maggie was a typically developing child until the age of 5, when inexplicably she began to lose the ability to understand and express language. Unbeknownst to her parents at that time, Maggie had been experiencing nocturnal seizures, which were causing this frightening problem. Shortly thereafter, Maggie was diagnosed with a rare disease called Landau Kleffner Syndrome. For over a year after the onset of her seizures she was completely non-verbal.

Suddenly, and without warning, everything changed. While driving home from a doctor's appointment at Children's of Alabama, Maggie's Mom, Laurie, slipped her favorite Keith Urban CD in the player. As the opening song began to play, Laurie almost ran off the road as she heard Maggie singing the lyrics to the song, word for word. This was the first time she had heard Maggie utter a sound in over a year. As it turns out, Laurie had been playing this CD around the house and somehow Keith's music had connected with Maggie and was the catalyst for bringing back her speech.

A few years later, Magic Moments received a request from Maggie's parents. Not surprisingly, her granted magic moment was to meet Keith Urban. This picture was actually taken backstage at a show in Huntsville, in a small room set up for a private concert. Keith was so sweet to Maggie that just the visit alone would have been more than enough to make her happy. Keith had other ideas however. When they finished chatting, he picked up his guitar, sat in front of Maggie and asked her to name her three favorite songs. She did just that and Keith played them for her in a private concert that was one of the most beautiful moments that Peggy and I have ever witnessed. You cannot imagine the emotion and the joy on the faces Maggie's parents as they watched their little girl swept up in this enchanting experience. THIS was truly a Magic Moment!

Please join Peggy and me in contributing to this year's e-Campaign. There are still many unfunded magic moments like Maggie's that we desperately need to grant. Sadly, in many of these cases, time is a luxury we simply do not have. This year's campaign can make a huge difference in quickly making magic for the children waiting on their special moment. Thank you for your consideration and support of this wonderful mission.

God Bless,

Conrad and Peggy

P.S. If making a donation via check would be more convenient for you, please make your donations paid to the order of Magic Moments and send via mail to:

Mr. & Mrs. Conrad Rafield
96 Country Club Blvd
Birmingham, AL 35213
*Please make sure to add our name in the notes section of your check as "Peggy and Conrad"

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