Abundant Waters in the Desert


Abundant Waters in the Desert

Abundant Waters in the Desert

Okay, I'm leaving for Morocco and I'm pretty nervous.     I will be taking on my biggest endurance challenge to date, The Marathon des Sables (MDS).   MDS is a six-day (seven-night) stage race across the Sahara Desert in southern Morocco.  In addition to running a total of 150 miles over six days in temperatures reaching up to 120 degrees, I will be required to carry all of my supplies in my backpack -- this includes all of my food, clothes, sleeping bag and any other compulsory items like a compass and snake bite kite I must carry.  Needless to say I will be carrying as little as humanly possible.  It looks like my backpack will weigh 24 pounds (but I think we can do a little more shaving on that.)   The race organizers provide us with water and tents to sleep in at night, other than that it is on my back.

I'm doing this event in honor of the Abundant Waters After School Program.   I chose Abundant Waters because I wanted to make this race about something bigger than the contest between me and the Sahara.  I wanted this race to be about helping kids get ahead in their own goals.  Abundant Waters helps kids who do not have the same advantages as most with after school programs of tutoring, sports, music and crafts.  They are exposed to activities and adventures that without Abundant Waters they may have never have had.  As much money as I raise it will be matched by a grant so please be as generous as possible.  You can read more about the charity, watch some videos about the program and the race as well as other details at the blog www.rumbleinthedesert.wordpress.com

The video on the left is from the fundraiser on Monday night Feb. 9th at the Irish Repertory Theater.  We had a great time that nights and the kids danced their hearts out for a terrific crowd.  The dance was a rehearsal for the big show they are putting on in May.

In May the kids will be putting on their annual play and I will be sending out information on that to my supporters.

Please help me help them.  I can't think of anything more empowering than to conquer the Sahara and help these kids at the same time!!


Connie Carpenter


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Abundant Waters in the Desert
Abundant Waters in the Sahara Desert