Crystal Schwer's Fundraising Page


Crystal Schwer's Fundraising Page

In memory of Kathleen F. Marks

Crystal Schwer's Fundraising Page

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This is my personal Fundraising Page for The Kathleen F. Marks Memorial Foundation.

As many of you may already know Kathleen was my mother, the reason I started the foundation was for accountability, since she passed in 2001 I have donated my hair 3 times to Locks of love 12-15 inches each time and Made annual gift donations to a many different organizations. With the exception of the Hair donations I really didn’t know where my Money was going, or how much of an impact it even made to research

Before I lost my Mother I lost my Grandfather in 1999 and my Uncle a few years later, My great Uncle and a few family friends.
As well as Countless family members and friends who are in remission or currently undergoing treatments.

I wanted to choose where my donations were going & make sure it was to the research; I wanted them to go to the areas that were most in need of the funding!
When my mother was sick and going through her treatments I was in Middle school and High school, I remember very clearly how hard it was on our family financially. My father had to change shifts at work, and had to be able to leave or take off to get my mom to treatments, My mother went out of work on disability many times for hospitalization’s and surgeries. I can remember constantly struggling .

Cancer treatments are expensive and not all treatments are covered by insurance, clinical trials for one which my mother had 2 different clinical trial treatments. And it is very easy to max out your insurance while still enduring treatments. Starting 2013 we will start our fundraising for Patients and their families, we are drafting our application and working with a few doctors and facilities to get referrals coming as soon as it is complete.

This Fundraising page will stay open until December 14, 2012.

The following week is when we send out our donation check for the end of the year!

A new page will be created January 1st 2013, if you are like me, and want to SEE where the money is going and really KNOW what type of an impact your donation made please share our message, create a fundraising page & support the cause, To find a cure through research & help patients and their families in pursuit of reaching that goal and HAVE FUN while doing so! “Have a Hoot Giving Cancer the Boot!”

If this Cause is close to your heart, Please feel free to start fundraising page in memorial of your own, In support of someone currently fighting, or just because you hate cancer as much as we do!!!

Supporting The Kathleen F. Marks Memorial foundation you know where your money is going! And that’s the way I want it! We require operational funding so we can keep doing what we do! We need sponsors both annual and event specific. And we need your support!

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