KFM 2013 CEO Challenge


KFM 2013 CEO Challenge

KFM 2013 CEO Challenge

For the month of January The Kathleen F Marks Memorial Foundation will be collecting donations for operational funds for 2013, every dollar raised up to $2013 dollars will be matched as a personal donation by Ryan Schadel CEO of Labor Smart. Donations will be taken up until Midnight on January 31st.

The KFM Memorial foundation raises funds for cancer research as well as for patients in financial need due to the cost of treatments. The KFM Philosophy is doing something good should be fun, and everything we do we “have a hoot giving cancer the boot”
Fundraising Events Like the Successful Annual KFM Halloween Masquerade Ball to be held in Oct. 2013 Hosted By The KFM Memorial Foundation will benefit Cancer research in areas that are most in need of the funding, As a non-diagnosis specific foundation they adhered the motto “We do not discriminate, we hate all cancer equally”

The Labor Smart CEO Ryan Schadel would like to invite other company leaders to partake in this gesture, In an effort to start 2013 on a giving note, he challenges other CEO’s to Personally Match with $2013 out of your personal accounts, or start a fundraising campaign for Kathleen F Marks Memorial Foundation on FirstGiving.Com/KFM2013CEOChallenge  if you feel you can raise even more! 

The More Money you donate the More Money Ryan Spends! Hit $2013 by January 31st!

Start 2013 off the right way and give back to a great cause.
For More information on the January fundraising “CEO Challenge”  Assistance starting a fundraising page or general information on The KFM Memorial Foundation please contact Foundation Director ; Crystal Schwer 914-497-9308 ;  Crystal@KFMFoundation.Org


This page is no longer accepting donations