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Cycling for Unity

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Cycling for Unity

Cycling For Unity
“A bike ride around the U.S. uniting in solidarity with our brothers and sisters of the Amazon.”

Garrett Russell and Sara Miller will begin a 15,000 mile bicycle loop around the United States beginning on July 15th, 2012 in Anacortes, WA. The journey will follow routes created by the adventure cycling association along the four borders of the country. The route will leave the NW and head east to Bar Harbor, Maine, then south to the Florida keys, then west to San Diego, California, and finally north along the west coast to the original start point. The two cyclists will ride unsupported by vehicle or support staff living frugally in a tent and eating on their camp stove. Garrett and Sara will be riding to raise awareness and funds for Amazonian indigenous who have had their homes and cultures polluted and are in dire need of clean water and healthcare. All funds donated to Amazon Watch will go directly toward improving the lives and health of those whom we ride for.


In 2007, Garrett traveled to Ecuador on a travel course with Pacific University to tour the Amazon and the country. In a serendipitous chain of events the story and camera changed paths as he and his group became entwined in the indigenous Ecuadorian plaintiff’s fight for elemental human rights. The journey left a lasting impact and formed the narrative for the documentary “Sipping Black Water” which can be viewed at the link below. Since then, Garrett with partner Sara, have lived deeply connected with the outcomes, story and people of the region. May the men, women and children of the poisoned rainforest communities who have inspired us to take action, speak clearly to you and allow us all to rise in solidarity as family directly connected by the earth under our feet.

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