PAWS' 4th Annual Bark in the Park Dog Walk and Festival


PAWS' 4th Annual Bark in the Park Dog Walk and Festival

Norwalk, Connecticut

PAWS' 4th Annual Bark in the Park Dog Walk and Festival


If you know me, you know my work with PAWS is a huge part of my life! I've been volunteering at PAWS for seven years, and over that time, I've met many wonderful people and animals.

I've also seen more that I care to remember. Cats who have had chemicals poured over their backs. Dogs who were abandoned in apartments and nearly starved to death. These are the kinds of difficult situations PAWS has to deal with. They also rescue animals on death row in local pounds, or take them in from people who can no longer care for or keep them.

It's why it's so important that a no-kill organization like PAWS is around - to rescue the ones who can't help themselves and then find them new, loving homes.

But we can't rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome hundreds of homeless and neglected animals in our community every year without your help! Your donation is critical to our success!  

Have you ever wondered what your donation can provide to the pets in our care?  

          - $50 provides vaccines for 5 animals
          - $100 spays one cat
          - $150 feeds all of our dogs for one week
          - $245 buys a 3 month supply of cat litter
          - $500 helps provide life-saving treatment or surgery to a critically ill or injured pet
          - $1,000 helps cover about one day’s worth of shelter expenses including food, medical care, and shelter supplies

I've adopted two wonderful dogs from PAWS, Charlie (right, top) and Oliver (bottom).

Charlie was abandoned as a 10-week-old puppy, tied to a Stop sign. How could you do that to a puppy - or any animal for that matter? Look at that smile!

Oliver came to PAWS at about 12-weeks-old and shortly therafter became critically ill. We nearly lost him. As one of his caregivers, I fell totally and completely in love. He still has those puppy dog eyes!    

I hope you'll choose to support me as I support PAWS in this year's Bark in the Park fundraiser. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts! 

Charlie, Oliver, & Cindy

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