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Boston Marathon 2012

Dan Kelly's Kick Arse Fundraising Page


Dear Friends and Family:

Yes, I have made fun of running most of my life.  And as many of you know, I just can't compete at any of the fun sports anymore (did I ever??).  Anyway- I made the call about 2 years ago that I would somehow get the guts to run the Boston Marathon.  And here we are.  I am all signed up for this April.  

As a shocker to you all, I am not Kenyan fast to be considered an "elite runner" and do not meet the official time requirements to qualify for this one.  However, my new friends at the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation have invited me to join their fund raising team and run the race on their behalf.  

The NE Patriots Charitable Foundation helps a number of children’s programs throughout the region, including Make-a-Wish and various literacy, education, athletic, and nutrition programs. I am excited to be a part of this team, as it is a special year to promote volunteerism in honor of the late Myra Kraft, a role model in her lifetime commitment to philanthropy.

I have a personal goal of finishing the race in under four hours.  And if I do not- you are welcome to make fun of me forever.  Just give me a day or two to rest before you do so.  And my fundraising goal is $5,000 so every little bit helps.

Your support is greatly appreciated! All donations go to the NE Patriots Charitable fund and will be tax-deductible (so get your donations in before the end of the year and you can claim them when you do your taxes in a couple of months).  Please feel free to pass this along to anyone you think might want to help support me. 

PS:  Special thanks to Selina for helping me train by chasing me around the house with a meat cleaver.

Many thanks,  Dan 

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