The Long Haul for Hunger

Mercy Corps

The Long Haul for Hunger

Training buddies Derek Marshall, David Park, Frazer Skinner, Adam Burgetz

The Long Haul for Hunger



The hardships I will face on my 7,500+ mile bicycle trek pale in comparison to the struggles children and families go through every day in unbelievablly high numbers. The most important aspect of this entire ride is the fight against world hunger. First things first, let's quickly discuss how you can donate to the trek. There are a couple of very easy, very secure, and very noble options.  Remember, even the smallest donation matters, and if you are unable to donate at this time, even just telling a friend about the cause if help in itself.  Thank you.

Donate securely online with my Direct to my primary foundation, the Mercy Corps.  Simply click on the SPONSOR US NOW button--->

Donate securly to ME with paypal. These donations do not go to the Mercy Corps and are instead used to purchase gear for the journey.  I would rather you donate to the Mercy Corps, but if you are feeling generous enough to do both, it will go to good use.  Sign into paypal and send to

Send a check or gear to me-(I am a teacher in South Korea)

Mr. Daniel LeLievre

Co-op Residence, Room 408

32 Uljiro 6-ga
Jung-gu, Seoul 100-196

South Korea

Pledge- Make a pledge on a per mile/per kilometer basis.  Depending on how many times I get lost, the journey should be about 10,000km in total.  If you would like to pledge a donation to the journey, simply click on the link below, fill out the form, and watch the kilometers pile up. Pledge to the Journey





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The Long Haul for Hunger
An Ultimate Bike Trek:Korea to Portugal.