Planting a Seed of Hope Every Mile

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Planting a Seed of Hope Every Mile

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My wife and I have recently experienced the tug of God to extend our home, and our love, and welcome another child into our family.  As we wait for God's timing and focus on the needs of today that will eventually bring our family to a point of officially enterring the adoption journey  I wanted to do something now to help.  In researching I came across one ministry that stuck out and called me in.  In 2009, I have set a goal to raise $5000.00 for Bethany Ministries.   This ministry hit me simply because of the journey I have watched God take my wife, Bethany (although I call her Beth), on recently.  God has used so many of his people to bring his love freshly into her life and given her a shattered heart for orphans. 

There are a couple of ways for you to donate through my site.  The first is simple.  You can simply answer God's call to look after the orphans and pull out your card and donate simply because God has called you to.  Or you can go the pledge route.

Here is how the pledges will work:

I'm a runner.  I plan to run a minimum of four races throughout 2009.  I will be keeping a tally of every mile I run this calendar year, including training.  You can see this log at my personal blog:  Pledges will be per mile.  Any mile run in a race will be pledged double a training mile.  Together we can plant seeds of hope every mile.  My pledge to you is that I will not walk on any orphan's mile.  I will run in their honor.  It's the least I can do. 

You may also join with me as a Seed of Hope runner.  Let's bring hope to those who God's heart breaks for.


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Planting a Seed of Hope Every Mile
Let's do this together.