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Stepping Out To Cure Scleroderma - Rochester

Rochester, New York
Training buddies Zachary, Mom and Dad

Danielle Caccavale's Fundraising Page

Welcome to Zachary Bordeau's fundraising page! Please forward this to anyone you know that would like to donate to Team Zach Attack for the Stepping Out To Cure Scleroderma walk! Our walk is on June 5th, 2010 at 10:00 a.m.- only 4 days after Zachary's 6th birthday! Zachary decided he wanted to walk for not only himself but others who have been struck with more serious forms of this condition... some of them fatal! Zachary has been spared to have the localized form but it doesn't mean it is an easy road for him.

We appreciate all of your support through this tough year of diagnosis, treatments and the unknown! It has been quite the battle for our 5 year old Zachary, he is on many medications, including chemotherapy treatments, to try to control the damage of this rare autoimmune disorder that still has no cure! Please help us raise awareness of Scleroderma so that our government will raise awareness too! Every voice counts!

If you would like to walk with us, Zach has been chosen to lead the walk this year. His main concern was if he would be able to handle the walk with his joint pains and fatigue. We agreed to build a float out Zach's wagon and to pull him through the walk if he tires! He is delighted and very anxious to do the walk! It is a way for Zach to feel empowered to do something about his disorder because other than the medications to try to control his symptoms and to suppress his overactive immune system from attacking his body and causing damage, there is not much more he can do other than pray and raise awareness! If you cannot join us for the walk, please donate here towards his Team.

Please be a voice with us and Zach! He decided to form a team and name it "Team Zach Attack" to ask others to help him "attack" Scleroderma! His little voice alone won't raise much awareness, but if he is surrounded by friends and family for this important cause, his voice will be heard everywhere! Thank you!

If You have any questions about the walk, please feel free to contact Zach's mom at dcaccavale@rochester.rr.com!

With thanks and prayers,

The Bordeau Family


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Danielle Caccavale's Fundraising Page
Meet the Team Leader... Zachary!