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Danielle's Deeply Moving and Competitive Fundraising Page


Many of you have been kind enough to listen to the plethora of stories I have from the last four years of working with Citizen Schools. For those of you that have not listened to me ramble, I will explain that my experiences and opportunities to learn with this organization have been 100% life changing. Okay, maybe more like 75%, but I have a flair for passionate exaggerations. Today's story, however, requires no exaggeration. My most recent, heart warming moment with my students happened about an hour and a half ago at the end of our first Surviving Santa Fe in AD1000 apprenticeship class. 

After a 45 minute session of learning how to throw a "spear" with an atlatl, our students were both exhilerated and worn out. We came back into the classroom to do our final activity where students were asked to think about what might have been necessary for survival 1000 years ago in Santa Fe. Students listed the obvious like food, water, girlfriends/boyfriends (yes, they giggled, but it's true! And they kept it mature.), etc. Three minutes before the bell, a student shouts out, "Older people to teach the younger ones!" and two other said, "Like teachers!". This is one of those rare moments when I am so moved, that I let the shouting out without a raised hand slide and supplemented it with, "Oh! Bless your little heart!"

And then we arrive at the point of this page. Being a teacher is helping others learn, helping others grow, and helping others survive. It's no surprise that the concept of  "Pay it Forward" was born in a classroom. All donations go directly to helping me pay it forward. 

One last note: We are also competing for a variety of prizes that I would love to be on the receiving end of. More importantly, I may be one of the most competitive individuals I know, and as a Team Captain, I have to go hard! I would love it if you decide to indulge my intense competitive spirit by donating. Every little bit helps.

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