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Wheaton, Illinois
Training buddies Jolene Mertz, Charles Perrott, Pamela Perrott

Perrott Family Fundraising Page

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A couple years ago Pam Perrott was diagnosed with HD, from what we know of their genes, the Perrott family is very lucky to not have any known symptoms till later in age. Charles Perrott her son and my fiance, had decided that he too wanted to know if he had also had the disease. There is a 50/50 chance with all kids coming from a parent with HD to also have it. Unfortunately, he too has the disease. We need desperately to find a cure. As of now research is being done to find a medicine that will atleast prolong the symptoms and hopefully will soon lead to a cure.

Huntington's disease is a disorder passed down through families in which certain nerve cells in the brain waste away, or degenerate. Behavior changes may occur such as abnormal and unusual movements, dementia, anxiety, stress, tension, difficulty swallowing, speech impairment, most end up in a wheel chair from these complications. Please help my family live a long and happy life.

(These are only some of the symptom's that may occur.)

It's our mission to raise awareness and funds for the cure. We need to stop this disease while we can so our later generations can live with out fear.


Thank you for all your support.

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Perrott Family Fundraising Page
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