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Police Unity Tour Chapter VIII 2013

Naples, Florida
Training buddies Cary, Jody, and Clint

Darren Gros' Page

My name is Darren Gros and I am currently a Sergeant with the St. Charles Parish Sheriff's Office Homeland Security Division.  I began my law enforcement on June 25th, 1998 and 14 years later, I finally stepped into the Law Enforcement Memorial in May of 2012.....with a heavy heart.  I was overwhelmed by the photos, writings, pictures, and mostly the small children standing by their parent's names on the wall.  My heavy heart led to emotions I've never felt before.  I thought of my own wife, my own son, and my own family.  I knew right then and there that I had to do more than just donate money to the Memorial Fund.  I had just completed my first Unity Tour as motor support in May of 2012 and upon returning home that same month, three months later I buried two of my own friends who were ambushed and killed in the line of duty doing what they loved. There is no greater way to pay tribute to brothers who spilled their own blood than to RIDE FOR THOSE WHO DIED!!! 

In 2013 I will cycle the 250 miles from Portsmouth, VA to the Memorial in DC to honor those who have made that ultimate sacrifice.  Please support a rider, because he or she will exerttheir bodies for a cause much greater than themselves!!

Thank you very much!!

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