Daryn's Best Birthday Present!

Hekima Place, Inc.

Daryn's Best Birthday Present!

Celebrating the birthday of Daryn Kagan

Daryn's Best Birthday Present!

Thanks for visiting my online birthday party!

I can't imagine a better gift than a donation to Hekima Place, making a difference to some very special girls in Kenya.

Hekima Place is home to about 60 girl scholars who otherwise would face a bleak future.  At Hekima Place they receive love, education, family and hope for their future and the future of Kenya.

I've visited and fallen in love with the girls, the staff, and the purpose.  Founder Kate Fletcher is still going strong well into her '70's and constantly shows me it's never too late to make a difference.

Any donation will be great. May I suggest any multiple of $26 in honor of my special day on January 26th?

Thank you!


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