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Family Missions International (FMI) Asia

Family Missions International (FMI) Asia

Anything donated through this site takes about a 7% fee.  If you send a check directly to our address below there is NO fee.  So, if possible only use this site if there is no other way to get the funds to us.

Here is the summary for where we are at:  For 2012-13 we now have the $75,000 for the property, plus we need $150,000 for beginning construction and the $25,000 for the ministry to continue through June.  That's a total of $250k.

Then after the property purchase is completed we need the funds to begin the construction ($150k) and the ministry budget of $50,000 for June to December.****

Dear Partners and Friends,

Again, across the main road from our current center (which we rent & is now for sale by the owner) is laid into our hands a wonderful opportunity of a strategically placed piece of property. Here in the heart of the Asia-Pacific region we are surrounded by multi-million dollar religious organizations, centers and seminaries. The Seventh-Day Adventists, Catholic orders and the huge cult of Iglesia Ni Cristo have mega-complexes because they know it is the best location for their headquarters in Asia.

If you look at a map of this area:
Notice the Philippines is exactly in the center of this whole Asia-Pacific region.

And now, for the low price of $75,000 we can get a foothold in this place and begin to setup a permanent FMI Headquarters after 10+ years of consistent FMI ministry.

We continue with our regular ministry budget due in January of $25,000. This will keep all the ministries going to the kids, the youth, the women and squatter areas. Plus we will be opening our new outreach of the Community Health & Development which will begin to the mountain tribal people.


Watch our website ( or Facebook ( for financial updates as they come in.

Donating through FirstGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support the fundraising efforts of FMI. But, the 'best' way to do it (so you don't pay any of the fees of Firstgiving) is to send your checks to us directly at:

FMI c/o David & Mitzu Grubbs
1306 Culver Pl.
San Lorenzo, CA. 94580

Designate for:
1. Property / Building Project or
2. Ministry budget


Did you know that the Philippines is the most corrupt nation in the world. This corruption runs through the whole society. That is why we are beginning with the area of society where there is the most hope for the future - the children.

Wouldn't you like to be part of changing the most corrupt nation in the world. Join with us to give hope again and turn this country into a blessing for the nations.

More important than that is the fact that this Island Nation is so strategically located that many have called it the next launching pad for international missions. Right next door is the largest Muslim nation in the world.. Just a short airplane trip away is the largest populated nation in the world.. Every way you look at it (up, down, to the left, to the right) are all the nations in the 10/40 Window. Do you realize that the distance to Bangladesh is similar to a flight from San Francisco to Chicago. Help build this launching pad to Asia and beyond!

Click on the links above to see all the details! We look forward to your help.

The FMI Mission Centers are located on the backside of the Island of Mindoro facing out to the South China Sea. Our main Mindoro Center is strategically located in the middle of 5 different villages and is being used for the village children and youth. The second center is also the new home of our Mountain Tribal Ministry training program.

We've entered into our 10th year of ministry to this part of the world and are excited about the wonderful things God is doing. Our numbers have expanded rapidly and this year we are concentrating on raising up teachers and leaders to help with the multiplying number of outreaches.

In the Philippines poverty and economic stress have doused the fire of the Holy Spirit in many places, and growth has become stagnant in the churches, sending the faith community to its knees.

Recent studies show that up to 75 percent of Filipinos consider themselves poor. About 40 percent of the population live on less than $2 a day, and high unemployment rates have forced more than 7 million Filipinos to work in other countries.

Many thanks for your support and encouragement -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!

Love In Christ,
David & Mitzu Grubbs

Help us by coming to minister, teach and assist.

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