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Boston Marathon

Boston, Massachusetts

Dave Harmon & Nathan's Fundraising Page

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This year I ran with the assistance of my new Patient Partner, Nathan, in honor of my best friend, Mike Fox, and in honor of patients and families who have become my friends in their fights against cancers like Mike's and Nathan's. When we were "kids" Mike got me to go jogging with him along the Boston Marathon route that runs near his old house. By his example of generous friendship he inspired me in many other ways. When we were no longer kids, he convinced me that I could still live out our shared dream of running the Boston Marathon. 
When the MGH marathon team gave me an opportunity to run, I started training, and Mike started planning how to cheer me on over heartbreak hill. Mike never got the chance to run or to see me struggle over the top. He had been diagnosed with an incurable cancer.
In running this fund-raising race each year since I lost my best friend, I have found new friends, who have shared their generosity by contributing money and encouragement just as Mike would have.  As I run each year I will remember Mike and his determination to live well despite cancer, and I will think of Nathan, and of other families and friends who have shared, or are undertaking, similar tough journeys.  I am looking for Nathan and many other kids and "grown kids" to finish their races with smiles. Funds from this event will go directly to research that will benefit Nathan and others like him, as well as people with diseases like Mike's.  Please contribute generously to honor your friends and families and to help find cures. 
Both MGH and I appreciate your donation. Any amount will make a difference. Ask your employer about gift-matching programs to double your contribution. Forward this page to generous-spirited friends and family, as I have!. Over 95% of donations will go directly to research to fight cancers and leukemias that affect children. Cures for kids help adults too!
You can follow our fundraising progress at this site. 
You can see my running results at http://bostonmarathon.com/  (Yes, I did finish!, and I'll try to run faster next year.)     
Step by step and donation by donation let's do what we can!    
Thanks for your support!!
Dave Harmon, M.D.
with Nathan, goal-keeper

Donations are tax deductible, whether given here online, or by check to the "Massachusetts General Hospital (Marathon Run)” mailed to my secretary, Donna Silva, Yawkey 7944, Mass General Hospital, Boston, MA 02114 (617 726 8748).  

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Dave Harmon & Nathan's Fundraising Page
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