David Hopson's Fundraising Page


David Hopson's Fundraising Page

David Hopson's Fundraising Page

Project Luangwa’s aim is to improve the long term economic standing of the local community through developing and improving education in the Mambwe district of Zambia. 

In the area covered by Project Luangwa there are over 20 schools, ranging from pre-school to Secondary including the original Kawaza Basic School that we have been suporting for some years. A few already receive support and will continue to do so but we will also seek to widen the net to include the neglected schools as well. None of the unsupported schools have enough classrooms and the ones they have are in a poor state of repair.  Often classes may have up to 100 children sitting on the floor; there are few desks, and an average of one text book for every seven children.  Because of the lack of space and teachers these children will only attend for a half day. We are also raising funds for a proposed vocational training centre in Mfuwe. From 2011 we will support the micro-financing of small businesses.
Approximately 23% of Mfuwe children are orphans.  These vulnerable children are usually taken in by relatives who often can hardly afford to feed them let alone provide school fees, uniform and books.  Some of these children have been lucky enough to find sponsors through Project Luangwa and our Kawaza project who contribute to these annual costs.
Project Luangwa is a registered Charity in the UK and Zambia. It is a tradaing name for Kawaza School Fund in the USA.
Project Luangwa incorporates a number of Projects which includes the Kawaza School Fund previously managed by Robin Pope Safaris.



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David Hopson's Fundraising Page
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