RallyDart Fundraising for Bonnie CLAC

Bonnie Clac

RallyDart Fundraising for Bonnie CLAC

RallyDart Fundraising for Bonnie CLAC

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Adam and Dave are driving from New York City to New Orleans from May 23-27, 2007 with the BABE (Big Apple to Big Easy) rally.

The basic rule of the rally is that you're not allowed to spend more than $250 to buy your rally car; we're doing it in a 1964 Dodge Dart we obtained for free on Craigslist.

It's not a speed contest; it's more of a "pack-lots-of-tools-and-hope-you-can-make-it" kind of affair. There are no prizes for first place, and even if our Dart were capable of breaking the speed limit, we're not sure that would be such a good idea.

We're doing the rally to raise money and awareness for Bonnie CLAC, a non-profit organization that helps people transform their lives by getting them out of beaters like this one and through financial literacy education, puts them on a solid footing for the future.

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