Earning the Horizon

ACIRFA (Also known as A.ker.fa)

Earning the Horizon

Earning the Horizon

 A solo journey of epic proportions....

David Sacher is riding 15,000 miles to raise $100,000 for ACIRFA (a.ker.fa).

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ACIRFA (a.ker.fa) is a nonprofit organization currently in southern Africa providing bicycles, trailers and bicycle ambulances to those in need through the creation of bicycle companies, like Zambikes and others. A bicycle changes the life of a Zambian in ways that are difficult for Americans to imagine, allowing doctors to see more patients, parents to make a living and teachers to get to school.


Traveling from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska down to Tierra Del Fuego, the bottom of South America, David will be passing through the Alaskan Wilderness, Canada, THe West Coast of the US, the deserts of Baja, through the rainforest's of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. Then on to South America: Colombia, Ecuador, the endless deserts of Peru, Northern Chile and then finally Argentina!


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Twitter: @davidthebrave

Facebook: Group: Earning the Horizon


Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure.  The money donated here goes to help the people of Zambia.


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Earning the Horizon
A bike recipient in Zambia