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Duke-Carolina Student Basketball Marathon

David Suitts' Fundraising Page

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Last year, as pictured above, I was the Event Logistics chair of the Duke-Carolina Student Basketball Marathon (broken clavicle  and all), organizing the details of the event and making sure we broke the Guinness World Record for the longest ever basketball game (which we did: we played for 57 hours and 20 minutes.) Weren't there? Watch this slideshow.

This year, I'm the fundraising chair, overseeing everything from contact to potential corporate partners to raising money by going class-to-class and talking with students. Last year, we raised $60,000 for the Hoop Dreams Basketball Academy. This year, we want to raise $100,000 for the Academy.

I'm also playing in the game in 2007 (the marathon now has a 36-hour structure where teams play for one to two hours). It's in Carmichael Auditorium (where Michael Jordan played as a Tar Hell and where the women's team currently plays). My personal fundraising goal is $750. My personal basketball goal for the game is to dunk.

Help me with the former and donate. Please watch this video--it does a better job explaining what Hoop Dreams means to its participants than I could ever do.

This year's proceeds will allow Hoop Dreams both to increase the number of kids in the program and to expand the programs offered (things like family planning seminars and college guides for the older kids are needed).

Finally, we a recently certified! 501c3 nonprofit organization, so all your donations are tax deductable. (Federal ID Tax Number: 20-5408-466).

Also, while any donation is appreciated, firstgiving.com takes a seven percent surcharge on any donations through their website.

So even better is if you can donate by cash (give it to me) or check (send to Basketball Marathon /
P.O. Box 1042 / Chapel Hill, NC / 27514 and note the donation is through David Suitts). Just shoot me an email (dsuitts@email.unc.edu) if you plan to donate by check or cash.

Thanks so much! A donation of any size -- even a dollar or two -- is appreciated.

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David Suitts' Fundraising Page
Taking a break at last year's marathon