2012 Northeast Florida Ride for Kids®


2012 Northeast Florida Ride for Kids®

2012 Northeast Florida Ride for Kids®

This will be our fourth Ride For Kids. Please help support Lee and myself in our effort to find a cause and cure. No donation to small. This is just one reason we ride.

Megan Parker is a 4yr old little girl who was dx on December 20,2009 with SPNETw/ETANER Ependymoblastoma grade 4 a very rare and highly aggressive brain cancer at the age of 2 1/2. She had been sick off and on since july and was misdiagnosised from August until december when her parents did't take there's nothing wrong with your daughter answer from the hospital doctors. Megan under went a 7hr brain surgery to remove the almost grapefruit size brain tumor from the left side of her brain at wolfson children's hospital in jacksonville,fl and were able to remove the entire thing, thus requiring her to have 2 pints of blood from all the blood loss from the surgery. After surgery Megan was no longer able to walk,stand,hold her head or move her right arm.That didn't keep her down with her 2 sisters and the detemination and strongwilledness Meg has, she began to learn to crawl and then walk again within months. Her family packed up and moved to memphis,TN for her to have treatment at St Jude CHildren's research hosptial.SHe began treatment in Jan 2010 that consisted of 16wks(4 rounds) high dose chemotherapy,30 treatments of proton radiation(here in Jacksonville at the University of FLorida and Shands proton institute) and 6mths of daily oral chemotherapy with 21days on and 7 days off(her mother gave her the chemo everyday at home) and has completed therapy as of Jan 3,2011! Meg is a very happy,loving and compassionate little girl who loves horses and playing with her sisters and cousins!! From the tumor itself it has left her blinded in her front perpihral vision. Megan also has a ventricular shunt to help with the hydrocephalus caused by the tumor,surgery and chemotherapy.Treatment,surgery and the tumor (before it was removed) has damaged her balance,strenght,coordination, caused bilateral high frequency hearing loss and has left her wearing AFO's on both legs and weakness on her right side that requires her to have physical,Occupational and vision therapy,but don't let that get ya down because it hasn't slowed this child down one bit!!She is full of life and determination with the most beautiful smile and a laugh that sounds like sweet music to your ears! Megan just had scans October 26th,2011 and remains cancer free!!

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