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RATPOD (Ride Around The Pioneers in One Day)

Dillon, Montana
Training buddies Brian Muldoon, Bill Weiss

david sobba's Fundraising Page

Team Sobba is back and so am I for the 2012 RATPOD. I am so excited to see the snow melt away and get back on my bicycle. I haven't ridden RATPOD since 2008 although we raised $11,170 in 2009 before I got sick and couldn't ride. This year has been a tough one healthwise for me and I have been doing chemotherapy since November. I will finish up chemo in mid April. My plan is to ride however many miles my body will allow on June 23rd and cross the finish line with all of Team Sobba. We have raised $48,851 since 2004 with our best year in 2007 when we raised $17,165. I would love to burst that bubble this year and see if we can hit $25,000. Please do your best to help support Camp-Mak-a-Dream. This year especially RATPOD is providing an outlet for me to focus my energy into a great cause and make my spirit soar. The past two years and more so the last six months have been very difficult for me health wise. I have had such tremendous love and support from my community of family, friends, and medical team that has carried me through, as I could not have survived on my own. I know that "Love is the secret ingredient" in all that we do. Please put all of your love into this also, and we will make it a great success.



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