Support the Mooseheart Eaglets


Support the Mooseheart Eaglets

Barrington, Illinois

Support the Mooseheart Eaglets

For those of you who are not familiar with the Mooseheart Bald Eaglets, these are the first eaglets to have ever fallen from a nest in the Chicago area. We were called by Kane County Audubon and recovered the two eaglets who were hunkered down in high grass directly below where their 85' nest plummeted to the ground. 

We built a new nest and, with the help of The Care of Trees, secured the new nest 65' high in the next tree. Unfortunately, Mom and Dad Eagle did not continue to care for their two eaglets even though they remained at the nest site. In order to save the Eaglets' lives, we pulled them down from their manmade nest two days later.

The two Eaglets are now in our care at Flint Creek Wildlife and their condition has improved dramatically since admission. These two eaglets will be raised at Flint Creek Wildlife and will subsequently be released back to the wild. Before they can be released, they must be flight trained in a 100' flight chamber - and our current fundraising campaign is to pay for the construction costs of this chamber as well as other costs associated with the eaglets' care.

Some people have asked why we want to build a flight chamber and raise the eaglets in the Chicago area rather than simply transfer them to a facility in another state that already has a 100' chamber. Well, although eagles are just making a comeback in the Chicago area, they are here to while these may be the first Chicago area abandoned eaglets, they will surely not be the last. Given our significant experience in birds of prey, it makes sense for us to develop the caging that will allow us to properly care for this species as their Chicago-area presence continues to expand.

Caring for these eaglets and building this flight chamber were completely unanticipated expenses for this year. Flint Creek Wildlife is an all-volunteer organization caring for over 250 birds of prey and over 3,400 total animals annually with all expenses paid solely through private donations. We do not receive a penny of funding from any state, federal or local governmental source. So the expenses of these eaglets, and their requisite flight chamber, must now be covered through a focused fund raising campaign.

Please donate any amount you are able. Making a donation is simple and completely secure.

We truly appreciate your support and thank you on behalf of the eaglets for helping us Save Lives.


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