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Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Chicago, Illinois

Debbie Calin's Page

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page. I am running my first marathon and my third race for Oasis for Orphans to help rescue orphaned children in Kiberia, Kenya. These children have been orphaned primarily due to the Aids epidemic and the most vulnerable of these children are being rescued from the streets where they have no hope for their futures. With the move to the orphanage they are being given opportunity to develop physically, spiritually, economically and educationally.

As we look around our neighborhoods we see lots of plenty - plenty of food, plenty of clothing, plenty of shelter, plenty of plenty, along with opportunity -opportunity for education and opportunity for a future. These children on the streets of Kiberia see none of this in their sights. We often take for granted the blessings we have in living in this part of the world and many of us have never set eyes on what it is like to live without.

 Oasis for Orphans has given me the opportunity to be a part of making a difference for children that are in desperate need. Desperate for family,desperate for someone to love and care for them, desperate for simply their basic needs. The second orphange is under construction and Oct 12th I am running to help build a third and fourth orphanage. 

You too can be a part of this and make a difference in the lives of these children. Any size donation goes directly to help in this effort and now is the time to "Do Something".

There is nothing I would rather do than run 26.2 miles for the future of the children whose lives God has pointed me to.

Oct 28th update - I am thrilled to have finished the Chicago Marathon and ran this race in the presence of so many amazing Kenya runners right here in Chicago while at the same time sharing in running 26.2 with a few of the Kenyan orphans we are helping through this ministry. They organized their own event to run in support of us at the same time we were running here. In order to keep the momentum going I will be running the Hot Chocolate 15K Nov 9th and the Schaumburg Half Marathon Nov. 29. Please consider a contribution to Oasis on my page as together we reach out to help these children live their dreams.

Check out these two video links - the first aired on NBC and the second was made by my team captain and her 13 year old daughter when they visited the orphange last year.

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