Matthew Debono Memorial Scholarship


Matthew Debono Memorial Scholarship

In memory of Matthew S. Debono

Matthew Debono Memorial Scholarship

Matthew's family very much appreciate your visiting our new fund-raising page. After 25 years of operating a scholarship in Matt's memory, we are happy to announce that we are now working with the AA & MDSIF.

Matthew died of  complications from severe aplastic anemia. Having been diagnosed right at the start of his Freshman year at Wabash College in Indiana, he always regretted not being able to get a college education.  For this reason, he and his brother conceived of a scholarship to help students who were similarly challenged.

Matthew was a Cross-Country runner and we always felt he handled his disease with the same determination that he finished his races. He was brave and cheerful and often used humor to help him  cope with his situation.  At times, he would even ride his bike, IV pole attached, through the halls of the hospital. 

To this day, we are all grateful for the support of the health professionals who cared for him and we are very happy to support AA & MDS and the help that they,in turn, give to patients and families. We also applaud their financial support of fundamental research to cure this group of devastating diseases.

We want to continue this scholarship and grow it into a living memorial for Matthew during the next 5 years,when we can celebrate it again as  a fitting 50th birthday celebration for him.We have set our goal amount, to be raised within 3 years with that hope and ambition. Please help us to meet it! As you remember Matthew, you'll be helping some deserving students who are fighting the same deadly diseases that took Matt's life!

Gifts of all amounts are accepted  online. We encourage you to consider making a multi-year pledge of $1000, $5,000 or more, payable between now and August 6, 2013. Pledges of $1,000 or more can be made by emailing or by calling AA&MDSIF at (301) 279-7202x111. Thank you! 






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Matthew Debono Memorial Scholarship
Matthew, June 1984, H.S. graduation