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Amity Reformed Church 3rd Annual Walk for Autism "Help Us Solve the Autism Puzzle"

Vischer Ferry, New York

Debbie's Page for Eric

When my grandson Eric was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 18 months, the statistics were 1 in 150.  Eric is now 6 years old and the statistics are 1 in 88.  1 in 54 are boys.

Autism Awareness is not only about the children here and now, but the children still to come.  What will those statistics be in another 4 years?  I have spoken with expectant parents and parents who are planning to have children.  They worry about these statistics.  What about the children they are having or plan to have?  What about your grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc.

I watch the challenges Eric, his mom Nikki, and his, dad Daniel face every day and am awed by the determination and love they live every single day.  IT’S HARD.  There is no other way to say it.  They long for simple things, a single word, a new understanding or a new development.  The happiness they share when it happens is awesome.  I am even more awed by the fight our Eric fights each and every day to be heard and understood.  My heart fills with joy at his belly laugh or shy smile.  He feels, he knows, he understands.   I cry for the events and opportunities that may never be his.  But with more awareness, more research, more knowledge and training, they just may be possible.  There is always hope – lots of hope.

With the help of Early Intervention and other programs, he has developed far more than anyone could have hoped.  With the love and direction of those who love him, including the teachers and aides who spend almost every day with him, he can be understood and can understand.

Please, won’t you help other families to access these expensive programs and therapies they so desperately need?

I walk twice a year for Autism as well as bowl and other actives for Eric’s school.  Can you sponsor me?  Or if you are unable to sponsor (and I truly understand in today’s economy) will you walk with me to raise awareness or get the word out to friends, family and others – Let’s help our babies?

It’s Autism Awareness Month – let’s help educate people

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