Meet Poncho, Foxy and Evo

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Meet Poncho, Foxy and Evo

Meet Poncho, Foxy and Evo

All three dogs were rescued out of horrible conditions. They were kept outdoors with very little shelter and NO medical attention. These are great dogs who did not deserve the kind of life they had prior to coming to Circle L Ranch.

Foxy is a female Chihuahua, approximately two years old. She came to us underweight and needing to be spayed, as well as brought up to date on shots. Poncho is a male Chihuahua, approximately eight years old. He came to us underweight, needing extensive dental work (he has severe infection in his mouth), and with a severe heart murmur. He is not neutered, and his shots are not up to date. Evo, who has now been named Winston, is an American Bulldog, approximately two years old. He is not neutered and needs all current shots. He was used as a bait dog for fighting. He is scarred on his face and body and has part of his lip torn away. He was chained in his yard for over two years. No wonder, he is very shy around people. Thankfully, we are making progress with him.

It will involve a lot of time and expense to get these dogs ready for adoption. Building their trust of humans is going to be a long haul.

As of now, we have taken Foxy in to be spayed and given her rabies shot. Poncho is scheduled soon for his dental work, to be neutered and given his rabies shot. He has to be on antibiotics for two weeks before the surgery can be done. The danger for him is still high due to his heart murmur. Winston has been given his shots, but he is still too traumatized to be taken in for other care, including neutering.

Vet bills for these precious animals are already climbing to about $2,000 and will continue into the future. By sponsoring or donating money for their care, you can play a part in saving Foxy, Poncho and Winston, so that we at Circle L Ranch can eventually find them happy, forever homes.

We have seen wonderful, loving and generous responses to Circle L Ranch recently from our community and surrounding areas.  We are so grateful! Please help us continue our goal of saving animals and giving them the good life they all deserve!

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