Debra Miller's Fundraising Page


2009 Climb to Cure Duchenne - Climbing Team

Mt. Rainier, Washington

Debra Miller's Fundraising Page

There is nothing like a mother's love for her child.  We will do anything for that baby we carried inside of us and nurtured through challenges we never anticipated. 

6 years ago, life threw us an unexpected challenge when our son was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.  We count every day with him as a blessing, and we will do anything to make those days numerous.  That's why we founded CureDuchenne and I spend my time raising money and investigating research projects that can change the outcome for our son and all DMD boys.

My biggest sources of discomfort in life are being cold and lacking sleep and caffeine.  I will be doing all of these to climb Mt. Rainier on August 30th in order to raise money for reseach and raise awarness for Duchenne.  Each of our team members is responsible to raise $14,411, a dollar for every foot we climb.

Please sponsor me by the foot, the yard or whatever measurement makes sense to you.  For $5000 I will carry a flag with your logo or family photo to the top of the mountain and give you a photo of our team holding it.  Your donation will go directly to research to fund life saving therapies.

Every dollar you donate will help my weary legs take one more step and will...give our boys a chance for a lifetime.

Thank you for your support,



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Debra Miller's Fundraising Page
I'm climbing for our save him