Denali Centennial Climb's Fundraising Page


Denali Centennial Climb 2013

Denali Centennial Climb's Fundraising Page

"Sponsor a Foot Campaign" 

On June 7th, 1913, Hudson Stuck (Archdeacon of the Yukon), with the support of the Episcopal Church, achieved the impossible – he and his team comprised of three Native Alaskans successfully reached the summit of North America’s highest mountain – Denali. The team included co-leader Harry KarstensRobert Tatum, Alaska Natives Walter Harper, Esaias George and John Fredson . Walter Harper became the first man in history to place his foot on top of North America.

On June 7th, 2013, 100 years later, a team of bloodline descendants will retrace their forefathers’ footsteps and recreate the original climb up the untraveled North Face of Denali. In the spirit of Hudson Stuck’s vision (to empower and inspire the indigenous people of Alaska), a Centennial team made up of members from the Stuck, Karstens and Harper families will honor the legacy of their forefathers while implementing an online interactive educational campaign for the youth of Alaska and North America. Their aim is to inspire youth by sharing the incredible untold story though a modern day enterprise.

The team will be joined by Elia Saikaly of FindingLife, an organization that inspires, educates and empowers youth through the platform of adventure. FindingLife has led successful youth outreach expeditions on Mt. Everest, Mt. Kenya and beyond.

For those seeking to make a tangible contribution you can sponsor and support the expedition through our 'Sponsor a Foot' campaign. We are seeking to match the height of Denali’s summit in dollars. Each sponsor’s name will be printed on a large flag carried to the summit by the Centennial team. Prints of the summit photograph will be made available to all donors.

•Donor names will appear on the website
•The more feet one sponsors, the larger their name will appear on the flag
•Final image will be posted on the website for download in July
•Names will also be listed on the Denali FirstGiving page
•Possibilities exist of running a 2nd campaign once we reach our goal

We need your support. "Be the change you want to see in the world."

Additionally, our Centennial team has a corporate sponsorship goal of raisning $150 000 USD. These funds are being raised offline and will support the planning, logistics, transportation, guides, technology, crews to capture the historical event and personnel needed to not only climb Denali, but to broadcast the initiative back to thousands of young people, in real-time, during the climb.

Together we can highlight and honor the contributions of each member of the original Stuck/Karstens team. Our students deserve to hear the story of real Alaskan heroes overcoming adversity to conquer “The Great One” - Denali. Join us in reaching this summit by contributing today.  Every dollar counts.

Thanks for your support!

-Denali Centennial Climb 2013 Committee

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