Denise Manley's Fundraising Page

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Denise Manley's Fundraising Page

Denise Manley's Fundraising Page

Many of you know me, Denise Manley, and my story about my struggle in life with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis for the last 20 years and my struggle to get testing and treatment for CCSVI.  If you haven't ever met me and want to to really see what angioplasty can possibly do for a person with MS take some time to view my youtube videos of me before and after my procedure with Dr. Gary Siskin.  I can be found at on facebook.

I have a personal plea for donations towards Dr. Siskin’s work which has started at Albany Medical Center in Albany, NY and will show that people with Multiple Sclerosis are suffering from CCSVI and it's treatable. Our fundraising goal is to keep asking for help until the day comes that the entire medical field realize that CCSVI untreated causes multiple sclerosis or at least many of the problems we suffer from. 

Dr. Siskin and his partner Dr. Mandato have recently had their medical abstracts about CCSVI in MS published in the March 2011 Journal of Vascular Interventional Radiology! We are winning the race to fight MS and we still need your help with your donations!

Dr. Gary Siskin is one of our many pioneer heroes in the treatment of CCSVI. I would like us all to help insure that all the necessary study and research will be well funded and move forward. I will not be completely "Liberated" until all people with MS have the option to be tested and treated for this venous disease and malformation.

To become a participant in a study please follow this link and read the criteria and expectaions.
If you would like to participate please follow the instructions on the study link.

This study is currently recruiting participants. Verified by Community Care Physicians, P.C., August 2010

Thank You to all the wonderful selfless people that are able to donate funds toward Dr. Gary Siskin's CCSVI Study! This list of people raised  $3,800.00! 

Karen Oronte,  Nancy Doyle, Diane Lausier, Karen Lewis, Amy & Dale Melnechuk, Lee Miske, Cheena McCann, Audrey Rosner, Michael Damizia, Marcia Ackerman, Shirley Renshaw, Emily Figuero, Linda Dykas, Vonnie Schmidt, Robin Mazna, Lynn Shaw, Joan Beal, Catharina Cyr, Doreen Scrofano, Dianna Newbury, Stan Michniewicz, Nancy Raifsnider, Susan Reynolds, Chris Hambruch, David Segesta, Advocare Et al.,LLC, Maria Dekleer, Carie Maniscalco, Lucille Prchlik, Yvonne Andersen, Peter Bartula, Michelle Brown, Beth Carrigan, Stephanie Chesley, dj fiore, Michelle Walsh, Sandra Birrell, Graeme Wilson, Patricia Couturier, James Richardson, NP, Melissa DeCanio, Stephen Watkin,SHARAN BASAPPA, ICY PEARL- Icerlene Jones-Wiley, Christine Weller, Lauren Antonellis-Kolb, Anna Delorme, Ken Morson, David R Echt, Charles Train, Mary Kay Gwinn, Kathy L Nath, John Kolesar, Kevane Bona, JayTee Shaw, Raise Your Hand Jewelry, Aimee Schorback, Karen Oronte, Karen Ulmer, Mission Accessible Inc., Leonid Treyger, G Mark McGregor, Patricia Hourmouzis, TERESA SCHARIBONE, Tracey Henry, Mary Ayres, Robert Parisi, Cory Douglas, Ellen Fox, Karen Trotter, Miguel Abreu, Debra Rice, Robin LaRaia, Lauri Leach, Lynda Laliberté, Micheal LaRose,Lauren Kolb, Heidi Sherman, Virginia MacQueen, Tamara McCabe, Carole Lange, William Huget, Jose Maties, Misty Schuster, Vickie Rowe, KIM SCHOON, Deepali Potdar, Liberate Dave, Peter Garside, Maureen Wills, Diana Price, Tina Veach, Pamela Little, Denise Love, Norma Coish, Wanda Baum, Stacy Saman, keith l ulrey,VS, Maria Scripture, Natalie J Watts, Laura Zmolik, Tara Lazar, Ian van Wesenbeeck, JANE VITELLI, Margaret Brandt, ML, Julie Row, Christine Rawson, Julia Ellerts, Terri Stewart, Kathleen Jaynes, J CHRISTOPHER SULLIVAN, Tessa Rushton, Mitzi Gilbert, Sandra Paluc, Serge Gavrilov, Donna Conklin, Stacey Lambert, Lara Rubin, ML, James McCorrisken, Rocky Vezeau, Kathleen L Carman, SHARAN Raghapur, Michelle Sciuto, Paul Lowery, Sharon Cohen, Michelle Mayo, Doreen Hobbs, Dawn Skinner, Jacquelyn Schnidman, S Oakley, Diane Stewart, Maria Changsut, Shannon Wilde, Judy Filipkowski, Mary A Thibodeaux, Becky Smith, Ruth Pearl, KATHRYN SAMPLE, Robert Marciano, John Krascella, Jeanne Shine, CE Henehan.

Donations can also be made by check or money order.
Make payable to:
Capital Region Medical Research Foundation MS Study
In the Memo write: Denise Manley fundraising

Mail to:
Capital Region Medical Research Foundation
Attn: Kim Kurtzner
711 Troy Schenectady Road, STE 201
Latham NY 12110

(not all checks that are mailed directly to the foundaiton are included in the total here.)

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Denise Manley's Fundraising Page
Denise Manley, Liberated and healing!