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Walk for Farm Animals 2008 - Orlando, FL

Dianna Kline's Fundraising Page

Thank you for visiting my Personal Fundraising Page for the "Walk for Farm Animals 2008 event". Donating through this site is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to make a contribution to our fundraising efforts. Many thanks for your support-- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!

"A compassionate world begins with you"

Farm Sanctuary:

   Works to end cruelty to farm animals and promotes compassionate living through rescue, education and advocacy. We envision a world where the violence that animal agriculture inflicts upon people, animals and the environment has ended, and where instead we exercise values of compassion.

Featured Rescues

Every year Farm Sanctuary's shelters open their doors to suffering farm animals. Some of the animals are found during our investigations of stockyards, factory farms and slaughterhouses - animals who are abandoned at auctions when they could no longer walk, or thrown into dumpsters because they were no longer "productive." Other animals come to Farm Sanctuary from SPCA's and humane societies that need our assistance when farm animals are left to starve to death. And, some of the animals who reside at Farm Sanctuary took matters into their own hooves and escaped from the slaughterhouse! But all of the animals have one thing in common - they needed refuge from the cruelties of "food animal" production and Farm Sanctuary was there to provide the safe haven they desperately needed. Here is one of Farm Sanctuary's heartwarming "happy ending" stories...

 Read the story below about how a rancher left a baby cow to die a slow painful death because it was only worth $5 dollars

2008 Featured Rescues: Newborn Calf and his Mother Reunite for Life at Our California Shelter

Days old and barely breathing, Harrison the calf was lying alone in an open field and only hours away from death when he was discovered by a compassionate humane officer in Santa Cruz, CA. The newborn—the son of a cow bred to replenish a small herd of beef cattle—was nonresponsive, bellowing only briefly in pain when the officer checked his vitals and determined that he was in desperate need of medical attention.

Without delay, Harrison was rushed to a nearby veterinary hospital, where medical personnel determined that he was suffering from a severe navel infection, which had begun to spread throughout his body. The calf was administered antibiotics and fluids, but these measures would not be enough to see him safely through his ordeal.

Learning from veterinarians that Harrison's chances of survival would increase with access to his mother's milk—a vital source of nourishment and antibodies-Santa Cruz Animal Services swiftly retrieved the mother, Loretta, from the ranch and reunited her with her son. The pair immediately picked up where they left off-Loretta taking over the care of her son and Harrison basking in the attention only a mother can provide.

Though mother and son meant the world to each other, they meant very little to the rancher who formerly "owned" them. When animal services asked the man why he left the calf for dead, he merely replied, "The calf is only worth $5, so why would I pay to treat it? If it lives, it lives. If it dies, it dies." Fortunately, the officer who came to Harrison's aid also disagreed with the farmer's rationale and enforced cruelty statutes allowing for the calf's removal from the property.

After convalescing under the care of veterinarians, a healthier and happier mother-son duo traveled to our California Shelter, where they remain inseparable—living each day as if there was never any reality different from the one they now know. Cause for celebration when they occur, such reunions are rare in our work. Having the opportunity to shelter Loretta and Harrison from an industry that inevitably tears farm animal families apart has been a true gift, one that goes unmatched for them and for us.

We are still in need of donations to help cover the costs of rehabilitating little Harrison and providing both him and his mother with the food, bedding and veterinary care they need to be as comfortable, happy and healthy as they can be.


There are lots of animals like Harrison out there that could use your help, if you would like to support the Farm Sanctuary please give any donation amount you would like.  All amounts will help and are welcome. If you make a contribution of $20 or more you will get a 1 year free subscription from the Farm Sanctuary which will give you newletters and updates so you can see how your support has helped the many farm animals in need. 



For the brave, if you think your heart can handle it...copy and paste this website page below to see real photos of the abuse and neglect farm animals face everyday.  It is appaling and absolutely heart breaking!  Photos are from the Farm Sanctuary website.




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