Power of 10 - Tinkerbell Half Marathon Challenge


Power of 10 - Tinkerbell Half Marathon Challenge

Power of 10 - Tinkerbell Half Marathon Challenge

The DIS Unplugged Podcast Disneyland team has taken up the Power of 10 fundraising challenge for Give Kids the World. 

If we are are able to raise $2,000 for Give Kids the World, Disneyland Correspondent Tony Spittell has agreed to run the new Tinkerbell Half Marathon in pixie wings and a green tutu.

How can you resist?

All it takes is a small donation...just 200 people donating $10.

Here's a little more about Give Kids the World:

Once there was a little girl named Amy. Amy had leukemia and one Wish – to visit the world famous theme parks and attractions of Orlando, Florida. Henri Landwirth owned an Orlando hotel and offered free lodging to fulfill Amy’s Wish. Unfortunately, Amy’s reservation was cancelled. The rest of her travel plans took too long to arrange – her Wish was never granted. Amy passed away. Time simply ran out.

Henri Landwirth understood the importance of youth and the importance of time. Henri lost his youth spending time in an Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II. Henri vowed no child would lose their last wish again – Give Kids The World was born. Give Kids The World is a non-profit resort that provides a memorable, magical, weeklong cost-free vacation to children with life-threatening illnesses and their families. Through the generous support of individuals and corporations, Give Kids The World can bring families with special needs to Central Florida within 24 hours.

If you can't donate now, you can still help by asking 10 of your friends to donate.  Every $10 makes a difference.


Nancy, Tony, Tom and Wayne
DIS Unplugged Podcast Disneyland Correspondents

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